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Scot Jalbert

Helping People With Housing
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I was born and raised in Lewiston, Maine and have lived here my entire life. My wife too is a Lewiston native. I have two children, both boys, and an older sister and brother who also reside in Lewiston. Working with and around homes most of my life, real estate was the a perfect fit. I enjoy helping people find the property that is just right for them. Spending time with family and playing a little competitive volleyball always brings me enjoyment.

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address747 Western Avenue
Manchester, ME 04351

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Brookewood Realty
747 Western Avenue
Manchester, ME 04351



Scot took 4 long months of his life to help us find our dream home. If we had to do it again, we’d go with him again. Three specific things stand out about Scot. 1) He is always available. I have no idea how, but we always saw the houses we wanted to see,… (more)


Scot was extremely helpful during the process of buying a foreclosed home. He was efficient, effective and diligent. Scot was always available when we had questions (of which we had plenty) and most important he presented himself as a trustworthy and caring… (more)


Scot was very knowledgeable and helpful in a new venture for us (investment properties). Scot would be very flexible to show us properties and would even meetup with us on weekends with no problems.

Would use him again and recommend him to friends family… (more)

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